Friday, May 30, 2008

Warana Cave Temple, Sri Lanka

Warana Cave Temple, situated in Gampaha district surrounded by a tranquil village called "Warana" in Attanagalla area has a proud history of over 1000 years built by King Walagamba and it is a fine display of ancient architecture. These statues of Lord Buddha are inside the cave temple are some of the fine examples of the Creativity of the ancient people. Some of the ancient ruins exist with few kilometer radiuses from this temple and most of the people are not aware of it. Maligathanne Cave Temple, Pilikuththuwa cave temple, Urugala Walagamba cave temple are few examples.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Simple Dwelling

Simple house completely made out of natural materials with only the very basic facilities but provides healthy life while foster you to the nature. Especially in the areas where you find many farmers, you still can see these houses. Life is complicated when people tend to seek more luxury; People born with a simple life still manage to survive in these small dwellings with a healthy life.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Polhena Beach , Matara, Sri Lanka

Polhena beach, one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in my life. Naturally, grown coral reef softens the peak waves so that it is safe to swim in this area throughout the year. A hotspot for colorful fishes around the reef which also has become a good source of income for the unemployed youths to catch them for exporting for domestic fish tanks kept for delight the houses. Located just about two kilometers away from the city of Matara.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is situated in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka which is about 87 Kilometers away from Colombo. To reach Pinnawala you have to turn from the 82nd kilometer post of the Colombo - Kandy main road and come through Rambukkana road. If you travel by train the nearest railway station to reach Pinnawala is Rambukkana (2 Kilometers from this railway station).

The orphanage has a bunch of 84 elephants at the moment which is also considered as the biggest bunch of elephants in the world that are living under the human supervision. The age groups of these elephants are from One week to 50 years of old.

The orphanage starts at 8.30 am daily for the visitors. At about 10.00 am this bunch of elephants starts walking towards Ma-Oya where they refresh with their daily bathing. Ma-Oya provides the water for drinking bathing for these elephants. The Elephant bathing at Ma-Oya provides a picturesque scene every morning & evening. Most of the visitors enjoy this scene every day while 84 elephants having their bath in this picturesque river according to their own rhythm.

At 13.15 pm the staff of the orphanage starts feeding baby elephants with milk. This is another eye catching event for which most of the visitors enjoys themselves. At 14.00 pm again these elephants are accompanied for bathing at Ma-Oya. They bring back to the orphanage at about 16.00 pm and they are sent to the respective cages where they stay the night.

The elephant orphanage enriches with a restaurant to provide delicious foods & refreshments for the visitors who likes to have some refreshment.

The daily routine of the Orphanage is

  • 08.30 AM - Open for visitors
  • 09.15 AM - Feeding the baby elephants with milk
  • 10.00 AM - Accompanying the elephants for bathing
  • 12.00 - Return to the orphanage after bathing
  • 13.15 AM - Feeding the baby elephants with milk
  • 14.00 PM - Accompanying the elephants for bathing
  • 16.00 PM - Return to the orphanage after bathing
  • 17.00 PM - Feeding the baby elephants with milk
  • 18.00 PM - Close the Orphanage

Safety Tips

  • Please do not enter the restricted areas
  • Smoke only the allocated areas
  • Keep the distance with the elephants
  • Keep the ticket with you
  • Do not disturb the elephants
  • Do not bring the pets

Destination: Asia/Sri Lanka

Special interests: Elephants bathing

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Fortress Hotel, Koggala, Sri Lanka

The Fortress, a luxury boutique resort boasts with 11 fortress rooms, 12 Beach rooms, 18 Ocean rooms, 6 Ocean lofts and 2 Fortress residences, nestled on the shore of the Indian Ocean at Koggala, Sri Lanka. Sensual living spaces, open plan bathrooms, cutting edge entertainment systems with plasma screens, private bar, day bed, in-room safe and IDD telephone facilities ensures its unparalleled luxury resort experience. Lime Spa of the Fortress offers a range of Ayurveda treatments, Homeopathic treatments, international therapies and tailored treatments to stay tuned by using deep relaxation techniques. Adam & Eve massage, Relax foot massage, Head Neck & Shoulder massage, Relaxing back massage, Balinesian back massage are some of the very special treatments they offers at Lime Spa. Also Ritual Ayurvedic one day package including Sublime Awakening(Steam,Sauna,Jacuzzi) , Traditional Ayurvedic massage, Indian head & shoulder massage, Shirodhara is very attractive among the guests who enjoys the luxury at Lime Spa.