Monday, August 25, 2008

Windsor Park Agri Holiday Resort, Hingurakgoda – Introducing Agro Tourism to Sri Lanka

Windsor Park is an Agri Holiday resort situated in Hingurakgoda (in the North central Province of Sri Lanka), Sri Lanka which is about 203 Kilometers away from Colombo. Hingurakgoda, located near Polonnaruwa, which is a historical kingdom of the ancient rulers of Sri Lanka, is a distinguished centre of Sri Lanka’s agro industry. Hingurakgoda, claiming kinship to a glorious past, during which an age-old hydro-culture flourished could be characterized as an oasis of those industrious and energetic people who conquered nature.

The Windsor Park is surrounded by the farmland spread around 1300 Acres for which is about 700 Acres are under paddy. This paddy cultivation is also considered as the biggest seed paddy production farm in the country. The highland area of the farm is utilized for the production of perennial crops & livestock. Minneriya sanctuary, Polonnaruwa ancient ruins, Sigiriya ancient ruins, Kawudulla Park are within the close proximity to the hotel.

The resort provides the luxury of relaxation with 7 cabanas provided with hot & cold water; air conditioned rooms, open verandah and a sitting area. All these cabanas are under fruitful tree shades to soothe your body & mind while the effect of the burning sun is dispelled by the winds that blow across the reservoirs. Restaurant allows you to taste all the Sri Lankan foods at your choice prepared with its own fresh herbs & vegetables picked from their own farmland. The daily rate of a single person is 65 US Dollars on Full Board Basis. The Inland reservoir & the ponds provide an excellent opportunity for the bird watchers to observe number of bird species for which are endemic birds to Sri Lanka. The flocks of peacocks that move about freely are the most spectacular natural sights in the Windsor Park.

Seed Paddy Cultivation: The seed paddy production of this farm is about 2.7 million of Kilograms a year with about 13 varieties ranging from 3 months to 4 & half months for the harvest.

Banana Cultivation: About 50 Acres of banana cultivation is maintained in the farm by using drip irrigation system and fertigation facilities. Cavendish SFC09 is being cultivated in 12 plots with an average of 5 acres of extent for a plot.

Dairy Farm: A herd of buffaloes and cattle are maintained at the farm for milk production and for breeding purposes. The farm produces about 500 liters of buffalo curd daily.

Traditional Home Garden: Wide varieties of Sri Lankan vegetables are grown by using only the traditional methods & fertilizing.

Vegetable Cultivation: About 10 acres of land are being cultivated the vegetables like chillie, tomato, capsicum, cucumber, brinjals etc. by using drip irrigation & micro irrigation system. Average production of vegetables is about 250 Kilograms a day.

Mango Cultivation: Around 40 acres of land are being used for the mango cultivation of the farm. Some of the varieties grown here are Karthakolumbun, Vilad, Hingurakgoda Vilad, Vellekolumbun etc. Hingurakgoda Vilad is an endemic fruit to Sri Lanka.

Fresh Water Fish/Prawns: The inland reservoir and three special ponds are maintained to grow fish under high intensity systems.

With all these unique facilities Hotel Windsor Park offers incomparable, cozy, unforgettable experience to the guests who choose to stay for a holiday. Also the Nature Park blessed with an amazing bio-diversity, is a wonderful forest park for environmentalists.

Some of the very attractive features the Hotel Windsor Park offers are

  • Elephants Safaris
  • Cycling through the farmland
  • Experience the traditional techniques of farming
  • Bird Watching
  • Cultural Visits to the Ancient ruins

Reservations: 0094773052873 Ganga

0094272247233 Indrajothy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Waterside Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka – A Perfect holiday experience in a tranquil location with its theme concept of a rural village life

The waterside hotel, Bentota situated in a tranquil location, which is about 70 kilometers south of the city of Colombo. With its very own theme concept of a simple village life, tranquility and the friendly atmosphere provides you incomparable holiday experience.

Waterside boosts with six rooms with a panoramic view of the Bentota River, towards the lagoon and the sea. Each room ensures its own luxury provided with Satellite TV, Mini bar, Telephone facilities, and attached bathroom with hot and cold water.

The open sided elegant fine dining restaurant overlooking the Bentota River, serves an exquisite array of International and Sri Lankan dishes with specialty of seafood varieties on ala carte menu.

Early morning nature tour through the picturesque Bentota River by the boat-exciting feature that Waterside offers which provides unforgettable memories for the nature lovers. In the same time, this tour gives you the opportunity to observe number of bird species including some of the migrant species. Some of the birds you could observe while while you are on this tour are Stork Billed Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher, White Throated Kingfisher, White Breasted water hen, Red Wattled Lapwing, Indian Pond heron, Purple heron, Little cormorant, Brahminy kite, White Bellied sea eagle, Common Kestrel, Spotted dove, Pompadour Green pigeon, Green imperial pigeon, Rose ringed parakeet, Asian koel, Blue tailed bee eater, Brown headed barbet, Barn swallow, Scarlet Minivet, Yellow wagtail, Red vented bulbul, Oriental magpie robin, Common tailor bird, Asian paradise flycatcher (Ceylon paradise flycatcher), Asian Paradise flycatcher (Indian paradise flycatcher), Purple rumped sunbird, Loten’s sunbird, Black hooded oriole, white bellied drongo, Common Iora, Common myna, Scaly breasted munia etc.

View of the swimming pool

Some of the very attractive features that Hotel Waterside offers are

  • Sri Lankan weddings including traditional poruwa etc.
  • Nature/Bird watching tours by the boat
  • Day trips to Galle, Ambalangoda mask factory, Kosgoda turtle hatchery etc.
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Tuk tuk rides
  • Fishing

Address : Yathramulla, Bentota, Sri Lanka

Telephone : 0094342270080/81

Fax : 0094342270084

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