Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nature Weddings by Eco Team

Nature Wedding. Yet, not away from the culture.

Do you want make your wedding day different from what you see everyday? Do you want to make it an enjoyable day to you two and to your guests? In order to accomplish these and much more, would you like, to stand on a stone “Poruwa” on the riverbank of Belihuloya with water cascading down rocks as background, to light the oil lamp which is hanging from a tree, to register the marriage seated on short wall in a straw roofed summer hut, to cut Kiri Bath in a “kulla” (winnowing fan used traditionally to spread Kiri bath and rice as well winnowing) decorated with Manel flowers (the national flower), to sit on a couch made of sticks and creepers and to eat from an outdoor buffet with your guests seated on the ground on mats or benches ? They are all in our “Nature wedding - Yet not away from the culture” package.



Belihuloya, a very picturesque and romantic hamlet situated 160km from Colombo in the historical Sabaragamuwa province, mid way between the hill country and low country is an ideal location not only for your honeymoon but also for your wedding. In this area, the River Garden premise offers you the best location. The beauty and the serenity of the location, surrounding mountain ranges, intermittent patches of forests and paddy fields and the famous Belihuloya River which borders it, makes it far above the most other locations.

“Babarakanda” Waterfall

This is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka [situated in the Uva province and getting to this waterfall it self is a fascinating experience for a nature lover. Wedding function will take place taking the fall as the backdrop.

“Singharaja” Rainforest.

Dense, Dark, Wet and mysterious 11187 Ha “Singharaja” primeval forest [virgin forest] is a rich treasure trove of nature with a great diversity of habitats and a vast repository of Sri Lanka’s endemic species found no where else in the world. Named as a world Heritage site in 1989, this lowland evergreen rain forest is steeped in deep legend and mystery.
The world “Sinharaja” means, Lion (Sinha) King (Raja) and the popular beliefs that the legendary origin of Sinhala people in Sri Lanka is the descendants of the union the lion king who once lived in the forest and a princess.

“Waulpane” cave.
This cave is an isolated cavern set against the eastern slopes of the “Rakwana” range. [Sabargamuwe Province] It contains a large number of stalactites and stalagmites and is estimated to be approximately 500 million years old. While there are few fossils visible in the caverns wall, the main building process is still continuing.
The stream, which runs through this cave, becomes a beautiful waterfall at the center, giving you a mysterious and a thrilling experience. This is the third largest limestone cave in the world and entire wedding proceedings will take place near the rear entrance of the cave.

“Sigiriya” Fortress-8th wonder of the world
The Ancient city of Sigiriya was designated a cultural World Heritage Site in 1982. It is also proposed that this site should be named the eight wonder of the world. The topography of the area is flat except for the massive rock outcrop of the fortress itself, and a few distant hills. The wonder is that this massive rock outcrop has a flat top and the wonder of wonders is that this flat top, about three quarters of an acre in extent, was used in its entirety to build the kings complex, which fact is evident by the presence of ruins.

Special features on offer are
  • Arrangements in church or “Poruwa” traditions [traditional Sri Lankan platform] Person to recite “ashtaka”/blessings at “poruwa”. This “poruwa” will be designed in keeping with the location and the theme.
  • Special Nature Couch
  • Registration, License and Legal fees / English translation of the Marriage certificate
  • Witnesses if required
  • Specially decorated [according to the theme] cottage/Eco Lodge/Campsite/Tree house for the night of the wedding day.
  • Wedding Gift from Eco Team.
  • Kiri Bath in a “kulla”
  • Specially designed Bridal bouquet / Head dress /and button hole [if clients bring their costumes]
  • Dressing up the bride if it’s the traditional costume + Hairdressing and makeup.
  • “Jayamangala Gatha” traditional blessings- 5 village girls
  • 4 traditional dances/2 drummers/01 conch shell blower
  • Pre wedding briefing with the Nature Wedding co-ordinator.
  • Special decorations to go along with the theme.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Hidden amidst the lush hills of Ambewela, making you feel there’s no one else but yourself, Jetwing Warwick Gardens promises you solitude, peace, tranquillity and soulful rejuvenation. Built in the 1800’s by a Scottish tea planter and located some 1850 metres above sea level, this little English bungalow is the ideal ‘get away’ for the busy, overworked and stressed out businessman eager to spend some quality time with his family.

This luxury bungalow is uniquely situated, being both secluded within the Ambewela mountain range and in close proximity to places such as the Ambewela farm, Hakgala Gardens and Horton Plains for exciting day trips. Leopard and Sambar can be spotted at Horton Plains.

Jetwing Warwick Gardens is also ideal for small groups who want the hills exclusively to themselves. It also caters well for couples on their honeymoon and for those who just want to getaway from it all. This bungalow boasts of ‘Warwick’ the master bedroom with a spectacular view of the garden and mountain range; ‘Netherleigh’, which is secretly hidden behind a drape of antique carpets sewn together, midway through the landing, is the honeymoon suite with its crisp white linen and furniture. There are three other deluxe rooms, each with varying views and experience. Four of the rooms including the sitting room have their own fire place, which is lit in the evenings on request. In addition, there is a cosy sitting room with a private fire place and a baby grand piano for beautiful melodies. A day room for morning meals and a comfortable library with an interesting selection of books can also be enjoyed.

A place filled with experiences, Jetwing Warwick Gardens gives guests the opportunity to laze around in the bungalow doing absolutely nothing or settle in to a cozy chat, enjoy a typical English breakfast in bed or on the lawn with fresh eggs from the Warwick Farm or even have a Sri Lankan picnic in the garden. The bungalow also features a selection of teas from Sri Lanka’s finest tea growing regions. The guest could also experience the local version of the traditional High Tea at any one of the stunning locations. To the delight of the guests a stone Bar-Be-Que in the garden can also be arranged. The men also have the luxury of enjoying a morning shave or a head massage by the local barber, in the outdoors.


Wake up to the soothing sound of rustling leaves, the chirping of birds, the distant echo of temple bells and yet, be captivated with the stillness of perfect surroundings... this could be your morning at nature’s perfect little hideaway, Jetwing Kurulubedda.

A serene ten minute boat ride down the Kepu Ela in Mahamodera, Galle, a short waterway off the Gingganga, so near yet so far away from the hustle and bustle of life in Galle, leads you to two stilted dwellings situated amidst a mangrove on a quiet little village patch off the river.

Jetwing Kurulubedda, consisting of two luxury dwellings built on stilts boasts a bedroom suite, a large terrace with casual and relaxed seating and a spacious plunge pool below. A dining pavilion overlooking the marshes and paddy field, which is organically grown, a lounge surrounded by nature with a ramp leading to the edge of the river and a sprawling lawn for relaxation and lazing in a time wrap that is singularly yours to alter . This is a perfect location for small parties, quiet cosy chats or for couples seeking to reignite their passion.

Take a bath at the well where you can draw your own water in true village style, a drink of Kirala (Genus – Sonneratia Species – caseolaris) from the trees above, red rice from the paddy field around, organically grown vegetables and greens from the plots within and a smiling Sri Lankan butler to serve you any time of the day; the luxury of being truly pampered in style.

Experience a refreshing massage on the edge of the field followed by an evening cup of single estate hand rolled bio-tea with home styled patties and cutlets made in the kitchen. Take a dip in your private pool only to be greeted thereafter with a glass of Rosé wine from the cellar and then a dinner under the star studded sky.