Friday, February 13, 2009

Unforgettable Safari at Yala

Accepting the request at the last minute to join the camping site organized by the Eco team on 11th of February to host Mr. John and his spouse, I got the opportunity of visiting Yala National Park on the same evening which filled with full of great experience in my wildlife experience. As soon as we entered the park, the first sight was the tusker about 20 yards away from us allowing us to have a good observation on it. Our host Mr. John had five or six nice photographs of it.

While proceeding further, we spotted the most elusive leopard resting near a small pond and had a good look over 20 minutes of it. Quenching the thirst of seeing leopards another two leopards were present for us to have a good look over 15 minutes. In the mean time, we were fortunate to see another two tuskers adding the total numbers of tuskers up to three we observed during this safari. This was the first time I observed three leopards in a single visit to Yala National Park.

Mugger crocodiles, water buffalos, jackal, black naped hare, spotted deer, sambur, wild boar are some of the animals we observed during this visit and Brahminy kite, grey headed fish eagle, Malabar pied horn bills are some of the birding highlights.