Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dolphins & Whale watching

Seeing a whale of its natural territory is what an exciting moment? Joining the marine mammals watching tour Sri Lanka’s most latest marine adventure tour organized by the Walkers tours with the Ceylon Fisheries Corporation on 22 March this precious moment came alive with me after watching 03 blue whales off Mirissa Sea.

Started our journey around 7.40 am in the morning from Mirissa harbour and around 08.43 am we witnessed our first sighting of a blue whale exhaling and diving into the deep sea about 5 miles away from the shore. Taking further we were traveling through the deep sea in search of whales around 09.15 am we observed our second blue whale with the same behaving patterns. The sighting of this whale was about 10 minutes before it dives in the deep sea.

The longest sighting came alive around 10.30 am when a giant blue whale was passing us around 100 meters away from us. Everybody of the tour had a good observe more than 15 minutes before it raised the fluke and dive into the deep sea.

Then the dolphin session started when we observed few dolphins swimming ahead of our boat. Just after few minutes of traveling further the real pageant started when over 100 of dolphins were present in front of our eyes. They were surfing, swimming, throwing themselves out of the water. This show was continued until we decided to turn back.
Undoubtedly this is the most lifelong adventure experience I have ever had in my life.