Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Camping in Sinharaja with a group of students from UK

A group of eleven students with two lecturers from UK led by Mr. Joss joined the camp site organized by the Eco Team on 24th October 2009 for a one night camping. Filled with full of fun they made this night remarkable by having dance with the light of camp fire and at the end of their dance there was a special request to Upali (the guide) present a Sri Lankan dance with Joss since he has been in Sri Lanka for three years. All these activities followed by the B.B.Q. dinner despite that Joss requesting rice and curry because he has a special taste in that as a result of working three years in Sri Lanka for an international school in Colombo.

Having all that fun last night the nature walk to Sinharaja forest was started around 9.00 am with sunny weather conditions by rewarding us not to worry too much about the leeches.

By not having rain for two weeks the forest was little dry and not provided much opportunities for birding. Once again Joss became the main actor by expressing his views that he is keen to see a snake and quenching his thirst we were able to spot two green pit vipers so that he became the happiest man in the group.

Purple faced leaf monkey, giant squirrel, Sri Lanka Kangaroo lizard, green pit viper, praying mantis are some of the sights that this group of students seems to be impressed.
Ceylon tree nymph, common blue bottle, blue morman, crimson rose, Ceylon bird wing, blue glassy tiger, commander are some of the butterfly species that were recoded during this nature walk.