Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaffna , The awakening island

Mervin invited me for this 4.5 days trip headed to Jaffna just two days prior to the departure, which impressed me to join without leaving me to think twice as everybody loves to visit this part of the island especially after the war, which dragged for nearly 30 years or more.

Transport has come to normalcy and people have started their day-to-day life. This is Jaffna – Kareyngar road.

Birding is one of the most encouraging activities in and around Jaffna and certainly no one who loves bird watching will not be disappointed. Large flocks of pelicans can be observed in the lagoons.

This lovely picture of the Crested Serpent Eagle was photographed while it was sitting on a lamp post near Kilinochchi.

People in Jaffna are more religious and all the temples are full of devotees.

Flamingos are seen in most the lagoons and I am sure all bird watchers love to hear this news.

Lagoons in Jaffna are famous for fishing a number of people makes their livelihood by catching fishes in the lagoon.

A fisherman is selling crabs....

Black Kite is sitting on a post.